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At JB Coachworks, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality work available to the customer.


This is why we only use top quality paints such as MaxMeyer and GlasUrit to achieve the best possible finish to make your car stand from the rest or just to restore that factory shine.


Mixing our own paint at our shop in Paisley, we have the ability to match any colour code out there, to even go as far as to create a specific colour of paint just to suit your needs.


Our top quality paints from MaxMeyer and GlasUrit are known worldwide for their outstanding finish on motor vehicles. These outstanding paints plus the experience of our painters combine to form the best possible finish for your vehicle to give it that "Showroom Shine".


Once your car has been masked up professionally to avoid overspray, the car is then placed in either our car or commercial sized low bake oven to be painted.


Low bake ovens are specially designed to help create a stable and dust free environment for car spraying. The ovens are highly filtered to protect the environment from harmful paint gases and to also provide the painter with dust free conditions allowing the highest quality of work.


Apart from filtration they are also designed to maintain a constant air temperature while spraying, usually around 22 degrees celcius. After painting is complete it is then time to bake the new paintwork so that it is tough and durable, this is done at approximately 65 degrees celcius.



To protect your car after getting the paintwork touched up, be sure to get yor hands on some of our PoorBoy's World products to help keep that shine year round!


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